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Lucy is a second generation medium size Labradoodle. She is a very happy girl who loves to have fun and grins from ear to ear. She is very intelligent, wanting to do whatever you ask, particularly if there is a treat involved. A very faithful, kind and gentle girl, she is a very good mother. She is medium height with an easy-care non-shedding wool coat of phantom colouring. 

Tikka is a third generation Retradoodle/Labradoodle mix. Her mum, Button, is a Retradoodle and her father, the gorgeous Aladdin, a Labradoodle. Aladdin is the son of Nug, an imported Australian Labradoodle. Tikka is our consummate cuddler who sneaks in under your arm before you know it. She loves her walks in the bush or at the beach and is very friendly, smart and easy to get along with.She is medium height with a lovely apricot coloured fleece coat


Marjorie is our newest addition and we love her to bits as she keeps us all laughing with her playful antics. She thoroughly enjoys her cuddles and can be found as close to you as she can whenever possible. She is relaxed, smart and well behaved.Marjorie is a medium height third generation Labradoodle with a beautiful black fleece coat and we look forward to her lovely puppies in 2014.


Our gorgeous girl Summer, is a multi-generation Labradoodle with Australian Labradoodle and American Poodle in her heritage. She is phantom coloured and on the larger side of medium with a lovely soft fleece coat that is non-shedding and easy care. Summer adores her bush and beach walks, always the first to greet us with a cuddle and if she had it her way she would be on our bed to sleep. She is a lovely natured girl and a great family friend, fantastic with animals and children.

Our lovely Summer is in our Guardian Breeding Programme, she lives with the Robson family enjoying a farm lifestyle coupled with plenty of rubs on her tummy - her favourite thing. A big THANKS to Anne Robson.

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