It’s a huge privilege to work in this role and one of the most important parts is matching each gorgeous puppy to the right home for them and for their new family of course.

We get to know the pups well, they each have their own personality and from this I know the type of companion they will make. Some love to have plenty to do and are matched with people who have time and are happy to extend them with extra training and possibly agility or running. Others may be more placid and content with a cuddle, playtime and a walk around the park and then there are the ones that may be a little quieter and so suit a quieter, less active family.

We do allow families to be involved and can sometimes offer some choice from puppies that have been chosen to suit your situation. We don't encourage people to make a choice based on photos and the look of the puppy only.



We can transport your puppy throughout New Zealand

  • Decide when the right time is for you to welcome a puppy.

  • Please email us via our Contact Page and we will send you our forms to complete, this gives us the information needed to choose the best puppy for your situation and lifestyle.

  • If you choose to go on our Waiting Lists there is a $200.00 cost, as we hold a space for you for one of our puppies. Once a pregnancy is confirmed a further $400.00 will be due. This procedure helps us to streamline the availability of our puppies by creating a commitment between us and assists in preventing disappointment and wasted time.

  • This amount is deducted from the purchase price of $2,600.00, includes microchip. This is our general price please see below for more information.

  • We finalise our puppy allocations at the 7th week mark when we can assess temperament, this way each precious puppy has the opportunity of spending its life with the best family/person for them.

  • You are very welcome to visit so please email or phone and we can organise a time to suit.

  • During the time you are patiently waiting for your Wee One to mature we will keep you up to date as we are able with photos and emails and of course you can contact us anytime with questions.

  • Our puppies are bred and sold as pets only not for breeding.

  • Our Waiting List and Deposit cost is non-refundable but is transferable to another litter.



Your puppy is able to leave us at 8 weeks of age and will have had its first vaccination at 6 weeks along with all necessary worming protocols. A puppy pack is also supplied that includes many items that will help you during the first few weeks and beyond and we are just a phone call away should you have any questions.



  • A lifetime of support, call us anytime and let us know how things are going

  • A full veterinarian check-up along with the 1st vaccination

  • Puppies vaccination booklet

  • Microchipping

  • Plenty of helpful Puppy Training notes

  • A sample of Blackhawk Puppy food which our puppies are raised on

  • A cuddly toy complete with his mums and littermates smells

  • 6 weeks free pet insurance

We can also supply crates and bedding, toys, food, leads and collars, grooming needs and almost anything else you may need for your Wee Treasure and all at good prices.



Our puppies and adult dogs safety is our highest concern.

Visits are organised once puppies have had their first vaccination at seven weeks old. We do this to protect our property and dogs from diseases that can be unintentionally walked in.  All visitors must have an application and deposit on file unless otherwise arranged.

We do understand people get excited and want to meet their new puppy, however we do need to put the health and care of our dogs and puppies.

We also reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy.

Thank you for your understanding.



We do not routinely de-sex our puppies before they leave us for their new homes, we do however require a signed de-sexing agreement.  We adhere strongly to the signing of our de-sexing agreement where you’re puppy is de-sexed at 6 or 7 months of age and we require a copy of the de-sexing certificate received from the veterinarian. Our puppies are bred and sold as pets only not for breeding.



We do need to import new lines from overseas to increase our bloodlines and when we do,  we are required to de sex the puppies at an early age, before they leave us. We do this to honour the requirements of the breeders who have worked hard to set up their breeding programmes in their countries. 



We reserve the right to choose puppies from our litters to further our breeding programme, so sometimes a puppy you see may not be available.



If at any time your situation changes and you are no longer able to keep your Labradoodle then please contact us so that we may assist in whatever way we can. We often receive enquiries for older dogs and there is also the opportunity to advertise on our website.



Labradoodles can make exceptional therapy dogs, offering that extra comfort and attention when needed.

I have had personal experience of the difference a dog can make in people’s lives. When I was severely injured in my 20’s we were fortunate to have a lovely therapy dog visit the hospital I was in, one day a week. That dog gave us all something else to focus on, stroke and whisper our problems to.

I have seen many children and teenagers, including my own throw themselves into a dog when they need a cuddle, it releases the anxiety or sadness they can be feeling. It’s interesting, my teenagers arrive home and may not say hello to me but the dogs are all snuggled in, sometimes all at once!!