The Guardian Breeding Programme

We do, on occasion, place our lovely dogs/puppies in Guardian homes where they live as a (lifetime) family pet or companion and return to Labradoodleland Auckland for stud duties or for the birth of their puppies.

This is an opportunity for the Guardian home to receive one of our fantastic Labradoodle puppies or dogs. Once the pup passes its breeding health tests it becomes a part of our breeding programme for a time that is agreed upon within a Contract Agreement. For example a male stud may be required a few times a year and we request 3 litters from a female over the period of the Contract Agreement.

Labradoodleland Auckland pays all breeding costs and the Guardian home covers the normal day to day costs and needs to be within 3 - 4 hours drive of Auckland.

This programme allows us to steadily grow our business and helps to produce these gorgeous Labradoodles. Our Guardian homes play an important role in this and we enjoy an on-going relationship that benefits both.

If you are interested in this great programme and want to know more please contact me via our contact page and we can talk some more.