These guys are delights and full of beans!


Bella and Jasper are 11 weeks old and are expected to be around the 10kg mark and 38cm to the shoulder when adults, so they will be at the small end of medium. Both have fleece non shedding coats and they are happy, playful and precious.

Both Jasper and Bella have been trained with commands and are very clever and keen to learn. They sleep through the night in their crates so plenty of the hard work of raising a puppy is already done.

Bella is available for our Guardian breeding programme.

These puppies won’t be available for long so if you are interested please email via our Contact Page and we can send you our forms.

bella - available for our guardian breeding programme

bella - available for our guardian breeding programme





Labradoodlelands Tilly and Stanley created lovely calm and playful puppies.

Our stunning Maisie is available, she may possibly have some shedding when older.

Tilly and Stanley have completed all of the health tests that all of our parent dogs have, which helps us to offer the healthiest pups possible.

Maisie is 15 weeks old and will be about 16-18kg when an adult and she is a massive smooch. If you want a cuddly, clever and playful puppy she is wonderful! She sleeps in her crate through the night as well as her sleeps through the day.

Maisie will be a good friend and companion for any age group as well as being suited towards therapy work.

Both Maisie and Jack (below) are learning basic commands as we use their food to train. At this stage they know Sit, Come, Off and Quiet.

If you are interested please make contact via the Contact Page on our website and we can send you our forms.







Ralph is a 12 week old puppy from Pepper and Stanley’s litter. His favourite things are his food, his litter mates and mostly being close to humans, having a smooch. Ralph has a black and white coloured non shedding coat and will be about 15kg and medium size when an adult.

He is very, very clever and keen to learn, he knows commands Sit, Off, Down, Quiet and Come and Ralph now sleeps through the night in his crate. We think he would suit a person/family that already knows how to do some training with dogs as it would be good to work further with Ralph’s cleverness.

Ralph 1.jpg


We have a Labrador available for our Guardian Breeding Programme.

Aroha (below) is a purebred labrador and at 20 weeks old and her full vaccination protocol complete she is ready to get out and about with her new family. She is a fun girl who enjoys meeting people and other dogs.

Aroha was a hit amongst the community at our local beach everyone thought she was just gorgeous. She needs more training generally as well as on a lead. Being a lab she is food focused so she works for her food here, she is clever and wants to please.

She has completed most of Labradoodlelands thorough testing of hips and DNA and we are thrilled to have her as part of our team of girls that will have their own litters when they are old enough. The girls in our Guardian Breeding Programme live with their families for life and return to us at Labradoodeland to have their own litters when they are old enough.

If you are interested in our darling Aroha, please make contact via our Contact Page on our website.